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Founded in 1978, Esco has become the world’s largest biological safety cabinet (BSC) manufacturer. Innovative engineering, design, and continuous improvement have made Esco the leading manufacturer of laminar flow technologies with an unrivaled group of products. With US headquarters in Hatboro, PA, including warehouse and technical service, Esco is able to provide outstanding service to the mid-Atlantic market. Frequently selected for product technical merit, Esco has installed some of the world’s largest BSC installations, including the NIH-NCI Advanced Technology Research Facility in Frederick, MD.


Biological Safety Cabinets, Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Benches, Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Benches, Animal Containment Work Stations, PCR Cabinets, Powder Weighing Balance Enclosures, Compounding Pharmacy Isolators, Ductless Fume Hoods, Ducted Fume Hoods, CO2 Incubators, Ultra-Low Freezers, Clean Room Components, Custom Build



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