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First Installations of New Miele Flex Undercounter Washers Are Well Received by Customers

laboratory undercounter washersThe first installations of Miele’s new Flex undercounter glassware washers have been well-received by customers. Loyalty to the Miele brand is unrivaled in the laboratory market, and well-deserved according to customers who have recently added a new Miele Flex washer, or replaced an aging Miele washer with a new Flex—in some cases replacing a previous generation Miele washer that had been in service for over 20 years!

Customers are excited about the new features found on the Flex machines, citing these key upgrades as being the most beneficial to their operations:

  • Completely new rack and insert design allowing rapid re-configuration of load patterns and high capacity loading on direct injection inserts—19 new baskets, modules, and inserts creating hundreds of loading combinations.
  • Redesigned chamber interior with rear docking and no exposed heating elements in the washer sump.
  • New variable speed pump with integral heating elements that improves cleaning capability and allows for new programming options—plus lower energy consumption and increased pump efficiency.
  • New and improved drying programs with a re-designed steam condenser for an enhanced drying cycle.
  • New simple touch controls with intuitive user interface and programs for any critical cleaning application—including custom programming capability.
  • Reduction in overall water consumption including a Mini program that uses only 7.5 gallons of water providing a 45% savings in water usage compared to previous programs.
In keeping with its 115 year old philosophy of “Immer Besser” (Forever Better), Miele’s new Flex glassware washer models are factory tested to last 15,000 operating hours, which translates into 15 years of operation if used five hours per day, five days per week. Miele’s product life testing is unequaled in the industry, and gives customers the assurance that they have made the smart choice in selecting Miele as their washer provider.

Some short videos demonstrate the new features of Miele’s Flex models.

Flex Series Undercounter Washer Video

Flex Series Interior Configuration Options Video


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